"5 Reasons You Should Take a Hydrogen Peroxide Bath" - Dr. Aaron Ernst

5 Reasons You Should Take a Hydrogen Peroxide Bath

Hydrogen peroxide is one of those ubiquitous household items. As kids, we all dreaded (and were secretly fascinated by) that little bottle mom would pull out when we would come running in crying about a cut or scrape. Oh, it stings when it bubbles!

But this stuff has all sorts of benefits outside of cleaning minor injuries. It’s a great household cleaner. It can help whiten your teeth and reverse periodontal disease, a couple drops in a child’s ear will prevent ear infections, you can dye your hair with it, turn it into a nasal spray to fight off a sinus infection, use it to help preserve your food, etc., etc., etc. The list goes on. But have you ever heard about taking a bath with it?

If you use “food grade” hydrogen peroxide–meaning it is 35% pure hydrogen peroxide (as opposed to 3% like the one mom used on your cuts and scrapes)–as an additive to your warm bath, you get all sorts of fascinating benefits. Here are the five big ones:

  1. Skin Infections – Skin infections ranging from ulcers to bedsores to athlete’s foot to shingles can be treated with a hydrogen peroxide bath once or twice a week until it clears up. Note that it is not recommended to submerge your head in a hydrogen peroxide bath, so a hydrogen peroxide bath is best suited for infections that affect the skin only from the neck down.
  2. Increases Oxygenation – This one is fascinating. If you’ve been reading our recent posts on cancer, or been to our Cancer Killers event, or been to the office, or watched one of our videos related to cancer (I know, we really pump out the info, don’t we?), you might have heard that we recommend oxygenating your blood however possible as cancer cells do not grow or spread in highly oxygenated environments. There are several ways to do this, and one of them is a hydrogen peroxide bath. The hydrogen peroxide molecule contains two oxygen atoms–that’s double the amount in water. When you soak yourself in hydrogen peroxide, you can absorb some of that oxygen through your skin where it enters your bloodstream and goes to work just like the oxygen you breathe through your lungs. So, maybe this tip should be labeled “fights cancer,” but we’ll just stick with primary effects this time.
  3. Detoxification – The body has four organs (or organ systems) that it uses for detoxification: the liver (and the outgoing digestive tract), the kidneys, the lungs and the skin. Let’s build a little analogy comparing the skin to the liver/digestive tract detoxification pathways. Your digestive tract is the first line of defense regarding anything you eat. If you happen to swallow a lego™ for example, your stomach and intestines are not going to break that down and let it get into your bloodstream. That little plastic block is going straight out as quickly as possible. Things that do make it into your bloodstream are filtered through the liver, and the bad stuff is sent back into the intestines where it’s put on a one-way track to the toilet bowl.Now listen, not all of us have a perfectly functioning digestive system (in fact, almost none of us do), so waste gets stuck in the gut and sits there, sometimes for YEARS where it slowly but surely drips toxins into the body. You have to do fasts and flushes and enemas to get all that stuff out–which is certainly a topic we’ve covered before!But the same concept applies to the skin. Your skin detoxes bad stuff out when you sweat–even when you sweat impercebtibly. But even though you’re taking showers and scrubbing with soap, it doesn’t remove all that toxic sludge sitting on your skin where it slowly seeps toxins back into your system. That is, unless you take a hydrogen peroxide bath.
  4. Yeast Infection – A yeast infection is simply an overgrowth of a specific bacteria called Candida. Just take yourself a hydrogen peroxide bath and watch it clear up–no different than if you were to disinfect a little cut with the hydrogen peroxide.
  5. Skin mites – Here’s a creepy thought–we’re all covered in mites, thousands of them live on every person on Earth. It’s not a problem–in fact they can be helpful to us in many ways. But 14% of us have visible mites that start causing problems. This includes familiar culprits like body lice and bed bugs. If you’re in that unfortunate group, guess what will get rid of these creatures? You guessed it, a hydrogen peroxide bath.

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Original article by Dr. Aaron Ernst can be found here.

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